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About Bella Casa

Bellacasa was founded in 2003 with the mission to source luxury furniture from high quality European and Irish brands to suit all lifestyles.

Bellacasa was founded by Martina Dempsey, after many years in Italy looking for unique well made products for her own home. The experience of working with Bellacasa is positive, energising, and fun, all of which are reflected in the whole process and result; from the design and attention to detail in an Italian craftsman hands to the seamless complete finished project.

It is important to connect with the individual and define the parameters and boundaries of their particular project. In order to achieve this, we work closely with interior designers, architects and, clients on private and commercial projects at the most competitive price.


Made in Italy and Europe

Passion for the Environment

Furniture, Lights and Decoration

Over 15 Years Experience

Bespoke Design Options


Every client is distinctive, discerning and instinctive in their own individual style, colour, preference and choice. We work intensely with the client to ensure that this is reflected in the furniture they choose to fit their house. That is, and always has been the essence of my modus operandi in Bellacasa.

We believe that every space is original and your home should reflect your style and personality.

By bringing your plans and ideas to Bellacasa we used our expertise and skill to create options which will reflect your style and personality. Our furniture is made to last, and our factories in Italy can create bespoke pieces for your home. 


At Bellacasa we look on every project as a journey, and feel privileged to be part of yours. 

Not sure what you need? Book a free 15 minute consultation with Bella Casa today, and we'll help you understand how to achieve your design goals. 


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Get started. Book a free 15 minute consultation today to discuss your design goals. 

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